Whilst I have been carrying out another liver/gallbladder cleanse over 10 days, I began to add: freshly squeezed ginger and turmeric; along with the organic castor oil, onto my liver and gallbladder area. I applied this every day.
I decided to create a powerhouse combo Oil called Feel A Liver Oil. 

The liver and gallbladder is one of the most important organs to rebalance, especially when you are experiencing a multitude of unhealthy symptoms in the body. Most diseases begin with a congested liver due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

In Chinese medicine the liver is linked to the spirit.  If the chi is not flowing smoothly then there will be all sorts of energetic imbalances, to compensate for the lack of flowing energy. On an emotional level one may experience:-

  • Outbursts of anger or frustration
  • Crying spells for no apparent reason
  • Lack of energy may create:
  • Depression and low mood

Cleansing and rebalancing the liver and gallbladder is number uno – Always start with the liver and gallbladder.

What does liver/gallbladder cleansing do? It helps to:-

  • Cleanse old and  stagnant waste from the liver and gallbladder
  • Improve liver functioning and bile flow by up to 400%.  This is achieved by carrying out liver cleansing over a period of 10 days or moreMost recent liver image 2
  • Purify the blood and lymph
  • Rejuvenate the body
  • When done regularly helps to bring the body back to homeostasis
  • You can lose up to albs in seven days!
  • Rebalances the endocrine (hormonal) system


Since the American psychic Edgar Cayce wrote his book on the many healing benefits of castor oil it has become well used in the circles of naturopathic healing techniques.

Did you know these facts about castor oil?

  • Castor oil is said to emit white bio-photonic light offering the full colour spectrum of equal intensity just like daylight
  • It is also stimulates the body to generate its own bio-photons of light from it’s DNA helix
  • This healing white light has the capacity to reach deep into the body tissues, up to 15 cms in depth! Amazing
  • It has a high negative charge which allows it to donate electrons and makes it an fantastic healing antioxidant
  • And has the ability to change the electrical charge within the cells of the body helping to create movement and release stagnation in gunked up cells
  • The oil has a gentle, calming affect (as if you have been touched by the healing hands of Christ)  when you apply it to the body, which could be one of the reasons it is revered with the name of  ‘Palma Christi’ – The Hands of Christ , apart from the many healing qualities it holds
  • Make sure the castor oil you purchase is organic and hexane free
  • There are many benefits using castor oil orally, and topically, for helping all sorts of imbalances e.g.  from helping hair grow to helping heal keloid scars.


Did you know

Organic ginger essential oil  is very powerful when added to the body as a pack along with heat :-

  • increases the blood flow to a stagnated area

    Feel ALIVER Oil

    Feel ALIVER Oil

  • stagnation usually manifests as inflammation, swelling or stiffness
  • heating the area with a hot water bottle can help to soften mucus stagnations
  • and fatty accumulations such as liver stones
  • warmed freshly squeezed ginger can penetrate deep into the tissues
  • helping to break down cysts and benign tumours such as uterine fibroids
  • helps to remove yin conditions in certain organs such as the kidneys
  • contra-indicated in acute inflammatory conditions or an infected area and cancer

Did you know

Organic turmeric essential Oil  when applied as a pack :-

  • increases circulation to the area and so relieves stagnation within the body tissues
  • In Thailand this is used as as a compress along with other herbal ingredients
  • fresh turmeric helps to decrease pain
  • and inflammation caused by gallstones
  • the anti-inflammatory strength of curcumin is extremely powerful and when added to the skin has powerful healing properties!
  • the highly coloured orange indicates the presence of a group of antioxidants called curcuminoids, the most important of which is curcumin 
  • turmeric is enhanced when taken orally by using black pepper and has the capacity to pass through the blood brain barrier and may help alleviate  depression – I noticed a nice uplifting serene mood whilst using turmeric in my pack
  • make freshly squeezed turmeric for each application


How to make the pack

  • Find a piece of natural unbleached organic cotton or hemp – I use a hemp bag
  • Add the Feel A- Liver Oil Combo oil to the piece of hemp
  • Place over affected area
  • You can add paper towels as I do over the top of your pack plus a plastic bag
  • Add hot water bottle onto the pack
  • Remember use an old clothes and a towel  – it can be a little messy time but it is so worth it
  • Leave on for 20 minutes to an hour
  • Lie on your right side if doing a liver /gallbladder cleanse
  • En-JOY!

You can use this pack for

  • many inflamed conditions such as arthritic joints
  • stiffness in joints or tissues
  • broken/fractured bones
  • or on the colon for constipation/stagnation
  •  or anywhere on the body where there may be stagnation
  • lumpy painful cysts in the breasts
  • keloid scars
  • helpful for regrowth of hair when applied and massaged into to hair follicles
  • acne
  • massage oil

This Feel A-LIVER oil  with all fresh 100% pure organic ingredients. Castor Oil , ginger and turmeric essential oils.



Health is Wealth
Love and Gratitude
Susan Laing


Love your liver Feel Aliver book available from Amazon


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