Sacred body painting

The day after we arrived in the Huni Kuin village, was a new experience – the day of the sacred face and body painting. The designs and patterns are meant to enhance and protect your energy. My face painting design represented the Joboya snake, which was to protect you from negative energy or spirits. When the Huni Kuin woman finished painting my face and I looked into the mirror and I nearly scared myself. The painting looked intense and warrior-like. If I scared myself, I wondered what someone else would have reacted if I were to walk down the local high street back home. My arms were painted with the alligator design which represented strength.

face painting_n

Scary face painting_n








The paint dye is extracted and crushed from various, locally, grown plants and their seeds. The natural dyes varied in color depending on the seed used. The red seeded fruit in the picture below seems to have more significance than the other plant/seed dyes used. It can also be applied and used on open small wounds.
Anyone can face paint. The  Huni Kuin people are creative beings. Making many things from beaded jewelry to clay pots and much more.


Seeds for sacred body painting

Seeds for sacred body painting

I noticed how the Huni Kuin people lived in the moment. They seemed to be free from many of the Western world types of stress.  Everything seemed to be accomplished in their own easy timelessness. Their energy flowed with the moment. Staying there in the jungle with the Huni Kuin taught you to live more in the moment. There was also no internet. Imagine.  No TV or computers, and mobile phones. This was bliss for the time we were there.Girls from the Huni Kuin tribe_n

The Huni Kuin lived in harmony with nature. They only took what they needed and left the rest for another time.  Nature does nut hurry Yet everything is accomplished – Lao Tzu

The women seemed to spend time with young children, and many a child was suckling on the mother’s breast anywhere, anytime. I could see plenty of ‘women time‘ together and the same for the men.  This made sense to me.  Where the younger boy or girl could learn skills from the same sex. Yet at the same time, when the children and adults loved to play football, the women joined in too, and, they were exceptionally good at playing football!  I could see with that there was indeed a harmony between the sexes. Not like in the Western culture, where we seem to have created a polarising of the sexes. Seeing each sex as so different, when in actual fact, we are more similar than we think.


We were invited to join the children whilst they danced in our new skin attire. So with painted faces, we dancers of the forest_njoined in the fun. Sometimes the children would dance and sing for hours on end. It looked like a sort of meditational trance, and it seemed to have a grounding effect on all the children. It was also a form of play and connection amongst them all. They danced barefoot and sang, and after a few times dancing along with them, we joined them barefoot too. It was such an amazing grounding and heart filled experience!



More ceremony time

After a few more ceremonies, and after many purges, which included purging parasites (the parasites seemed to come from the base of my head during a projectile purge) and many bowel evacuations, I felt my body had become much lighter and felt more aligned. Most plant medicines are anti-parasitic and are full of many nutrients.

I felt like a warrioress



The morning finish, after the last ceremony

The morning finish, after the last ceremony


Kambo frog medicine  

Kambo is natures very own immunity booster and vaccination. You can read more about Kambo on and on another blog I wrote about Kambo.


Kambo frog caught for the 5am morning ceremony

Kambo frog caught for the 5am morning ceremony

This potent frog toxin, which is excreted from the frogs skin, is applied to the surface of your skin. Within minutes, you are purging, detoxing many cells within the body and the blood.  The whole experience usually lasts, from around 20 -30 minutes.  The toxin is applied in such minute doses to each individual.  The medicine contains many peptides which reduce inflammation and boost your immunity working on the physical body.  It also removes many blockages on many levels and realigns the energies in the chakras, working on the psychic and spiritual bodies too.

My first encounter with Kambo before coming to the jungle was indeed a powerful one. I had focused on my intention, and then during the projectile purge, I noticed I had expelled something heavy, and it made a dunk noise in the bucket. I never thought anything of it, until I had to empty and rinse out my bucket. And low and behold, I had purged a small pebble about the size of my pinky fingernail. I have heard stories of energy transformation before, and it got me wondering. The energy of intention.  And the release of the energy had, maybe be transformed (alchemy), and had solidified? Is this possible?  After all, everything is energy.

The last ceremony

Just before the last ceremony, after taking some more Amazonian medicine,  I encountered a vision. As I was resting in my jungle hammock, I closed my eyes and began to meditate. I could see this coloured light energy in my body. I decided to watch, and enjoy it for a moment. Then I opened my eyes, and I could see the same energy in the jungle, across the river, all from my hammock. The energy lines seemed to project from my eyes. There were many red graphic lines all connected from me and seem to travel right along into the jungle.  I  then became aware and of the men speaking nearby, who were working on repairing the ceremony hut. As they spoke and laughed, I could see these same red energy lines move, like you would see in a moving electrical graph chart. Each word they spoke, depending on the tone, affected the way these red energy lines moved. I became transfixed.  Then, when they played a CD, with the Huni Kuin ceremonial Icaro songs, I saw this huge vortex appear above the ceremony hut, where the music was being played. This vortex was shaped like a funnel. It appeared to go so far into the sky,  up into where I had never seen before. It appeared to travel into the cosmos where I saw many other images. I then REALised how powerful these Icario words were!  I realised all that I had learnt in the past, about what we say and think, really does go out into the universe. Dr Emoto and Messages from water had been one of my favourite books.  An epiphany !  The goodness of these words and sounds, to see how powerful it was. This energy was met by the cosmos with the same energy. Harmonic.  To see how we are all connected.

The last ceremony was beautiful,  like the rest of the ceremonies, I was extremely grateful for my experience with the Huni Kuin tribe and their Shaman. Grateful for sharing their wisdom. Grateful for everything I had experienced. Being in the jungle and participating in the ceremonies is indeed a lifetime encounter not to be forgotten.

Sand fly bites and Lieshamaniasis

Towards the second week my bites, which covered my lower arms and lower legs, had taken a turn for the worst, with all my itching. They seemed to ooze fluid continuously. For a moment, they would form a scab. Then, after changing into another long sleeved top, the scabs would stick to the cotton top, leaving the bites open once again. I had many a fresh Amazonian plant pack applied, and plant juice squeezed over the bites, which felt extremely soothing. But, this didn’t last for long. I had even used my own urine on the bites, as I knew this was of great benefit.  I also noticed my skin was beginning to burst into blisters filled with pus.  And some bites would disappear then reappear.  By the end of the journey I was at my wit’s end, both emotionally, and physically.  My left ankle had swollen quite a bit. And by the time I reached the Uk my left lower leg had trebled in size.
I ended up in the Tropical Disease unit in Euston London hospital. I was on an intravenous antibiotic drip for 2 days. Plus a few days of antiparasitic tablets. First time I ever had spent in a hospital bed in my whole life!  I continued on oral antibiotics for a further period of time as I had suffered a secondary staphylococcus infection.  The infection from the sand flies was diagnosed as a sand fly parasitic infection- Leishmaniasis
I was grateful towards the hospital staff and the 2 days in the hospital bed but I was honestly relieved to leave the hospital and the unhealthy food. I remember thinking ” oh a bed with mattress and clean sheets and oh a TV”. But after 2 days I realized I was back in the matrix.

Leishmaniasis healing on my arm

Leishmaniasis healing on my arm


Open fly bites on my leg

Open fly bites on my leg










Even though I had this diagnosis, and that diagnosis, whilst in the hospital, I felt I had experienced some sort of initiation in the jungle.
I also knew, that if I had been able to eat my usual type of food,  raw food, I would never have been prone to this.
Within hours of changing what I ate, after coming back into the UK I could see many a transformation take place on my skin. With my experience in naturopathy, nutrition and rejuvenation etc I always wish to heal naturally, and with nature.
I also added an anti-parasitic herbal remedy daily and carried out liver cleanses. This would help remove any toxin overload I experienced during my travels, but, more so, especially the build-up of any pharmaceutical drugs I had taken.  I had also taken a massive dose of probiotics
Eventually, I started to apply a combination of organic essential oils to my skin too..

Plants have a consciousness and wisdom that may help heal our body, mind & spirit;  all bodies are then integrated, so we may unite and connect

By Susan Laing

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