I am writing once again, wishing to share my experiences about the frog medicine called Kambo.  This frog medicine came jumping into my life quite a few years ago, along with other natural shamanic medicines from nature. One of my favorite plant medicines is a cactus called Peyote. Kambo has become much more accessible to people, and so the frog has jumped forth into many people’s lives,  sharing its innate wisdom amongst those of us who have had the luck to have had come across the unusual, and intense, healing experience.  Writing this blog is also about sharing my gratitude for the presence and many experiences of Kambo, along with the potential healing of this medicine for humans on many levels.

The waxy tree frog secretion is also called ‘vacino da 45502847_307957530024865_4524411737511821312_nfloresta’ by the people of the Amazonian jungle. The frog is also called the Giant monkey frog. When I was in the Amazonian jungle in 2014, I noticed how big this frog was compared to the other frogs. It also created an unusual sound compared to the other frog chorus coming from the jungle wildlife.



This frog toxin is excreted from the frog’s skin, without any cruelty involved to the frog. It is applied to the surface of your skin, and within minutes you are purging, detoxing nearly every cell within the body and the blood. The whole experience usually lasts from around 20 -30 minutes. The toxin is applied in such minute doses to each individual and the amount applied varies from person to person. The medicine contains many peptides which reduce inflammation and boost your immunity working on the physical body. The energy of this medicine also helps to remove many spiritual blockages called panema and realigns the chakras working on the psychic and spiritual bodies too. All the chakras are involved with the healing from Kambo and so affects the energy of the heart helping us to focus and jump forward in life like the frog.45487256_1715263381929029_5352638095407710208_n

Scientific research has shown this amphibian’s secretion to be a powerful concoction of healing peptides which are able to bind with receptor sites in the brain and pass through the blood-brain barrier helping to trigger many healing chemical reactions in the body. They have found to have a potent effect on:

  • gastrointestinal muscles
  • gastric and pancreatic secretions
  • blood circulation
  • stimulation of the adrenal cortex and pituitary gland
  • increasing stamina and energy levels
  • anti-inflammatory
  • destroys microbes and viruses
  • natural antibiotic
  • increases focus and alertness for short periods of time



My first encounter with Kambo before going to the jungle was indeed a powerful one. During this 1st experience, I had decided to focus my intention, on giving up my addiction to chocolate.

It was a strange event that took place during the projectile purging of this 1st session.  I noticed I had expelled something heavy and it made a dunk kind of noise in the bucket. I never thought anything of it until I had to empty and rinse out my bucket, and low and behold I had purged a small pebble about the size of my pinky fingernail.  I had heard of stories about energy transformation before, and it got me wondering about the energy of intention and the release of the energy may be transformed and had become solidified? Who knows? After all, everything is energy.  I noticed after this Kambo experience, that whenever I thought about going to buy a bar of raw chocolate, it looked and seemed to resemble a piece of plastic!  I simply did not want to eat it. Cacao never appealed to me less!45151433_10156882184786869_4675279876897374208_o

I have since then, experienced Kambo a number of times, and each experience has been unique. As each frog produces its own energetic blueprint. Since this Kambo session, I have completed a training as a Kambo facilitator with Giovanni.

It was only recently that I had passed out for the 1st time! It is often on the 1st encounter with this medicine that one may experience fainting. This is when the medicine goes deep within.  The medicine finds its way through the body’s natural flowing river, the lymphatic system, where it flows deep into the recesses of human spiritual disease, releasing emotional blockages on many levels.

As the frog toxin is applied to the skin, one may experience this intense rush of blood to the head, and at the same time feel the body heat up. This is when there may be a rise in blood pressure within the body. All feeling strange, but at the same time, quite pleasant. The skin looks red flushed.  You may look like one could have visited the Carribean and caught a touch of the sun. This is followed by a drop in pressure and then bam! There is a change of color in the skin, from the rouge to the pasty deathly looking greenish-white. Blood pressure drops, and usually one encounters a feeling of nausea, which may sometimes be accompanied by feelings of lightheadedness. It is not much longer afterward there is a deep urge to purge. And purge we do. This intense purging lasts for around 15-30 minutes.  On some occasions, one can feel like they are dying as the intensity takes on another level. Some people have described their experience with this medicine as coming as near to death and a rebirth awakening. It is a path of a warrior. The fear of the unknown is soon replaced by respect and admiration as healing takes place on many levels.Kambo_4629

On one occasion, where I passed out, I noticed the pressure on the outside of my thighs was squeezing the flesh so tightly that I was unable to sit up. This was after having the medicine applied to acupressure points on my liver 3 over my left foot and the bladder area of my left lower calf. I didn’t purge much at all. Whilst I was lying on the floor I felt I had gone into another place, another dimension, it felt almost like a death and rebirth experience of some sort.
I had felt the presence of the frog whilst sitting in this ceremony, where I felt the rush of heat and blood in my head and felt like purging well before the medicine was applied. After this Kambo session, I noticed huge energetic shifts once again. I knew frog had visited me on a deeper level.
Not long after this session, as I lay resting one evening before I drifted off to sleep, I saw and felt my body merge with the frog. My hands became webbed and moved like the frog, and my body became the green frog.

And so it was on the most recent Kambo session, is when I felt frog go deeper within. I had asked for my life to be fearless and to let go of more negative actions.

During the purging, I poured with gentle sobs as it felt difficult and challenging each time I purged. Every release was a deep cellular and spiritual relEASE. As usual, it was over and done within no time at all. I felt an immense peaceful connection to myself.




A visitation

I awoke
from this slumber dream
or was it eTHEREAL astral plane healing
Kambo combo elixir upon luna full moon
there I was
floundering in a spaceless room
heavy and burdened
trying to escape
till I found a shaman within45473381_1152161518272458_7404672048078782464_n
searching high and low
desperately seeking entities
hidden masked n’ cloaked
my arms felt like lead
a coat felt dark and again heavy
something behind my back
it had been there a while
I knew how to breathe
you see
and so I found a way
to catch these dark energies
one by one
letting each go
into the air
through an open window
I had never seen
such heavy rain before
even heavier than the jungle rain
all awash in the muddy garden made pools
twas then I found
this voice speaking without fear
as I spoke the words
they roared
with just is
n’ power aROSE


The Kambo Kiss

the frog knows no bounds within
padded feet jump forth into the twiLIGHT
earthed with strong body sensation
fragrant sounds and scented knowingnessFrogsusan-business-card-new
heart infinity is boundless
amphibian nonsensical intelligence
awaits each gasping cell
whilst lymph is beholden
in a white mystical
unfolding vibrational love note
guiDANCE is brought to each
n every part of our being
red molten lava fire rises upwards
spiraling a vortex moment
hush a single intense moment
tis natures spirit
we can bow to
in an arrow shot
totally into the heart
exploding love potIONS
of divine self LOVE
a lush red carpet
spread with insightful blood torus
for divine unity

If you would like to learn more about Kambo and having a session click here

By Susan Laing




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