Powerhouse castor oil pack with fresh turmeric & ginger

Whilst I have been carrying out another liver/gallbladder cleanse over 10 days, I began to add: freshly squeezed ginger and turmeric; along with the organic castor oil, onto my liver and gallbladder area. I applied this every day. I decided to create a powerhouse combo Oil called Feel A Liver Oil.  The liver and gallbladder is one of the most important organs to rebalance, especially when you are experiencing a […]


A road to recovery with internal cleansing

I wrote this a while back for Funky Raw magazine when I began to become more involved with healing my body. This is when i carried out some intensive, mucoid plaque, internal cleansing. Since then I have been inspired with liver/gallbladder cleanses.  When a someone comes along for a Multidimensional Iridology consultation, I keep advice simple. Most of the time, I recommend cleansing, and suit it to the individual with […]