Kambo Healing - nature's own vaccination

I am writing once again, wishing to share my experiences about the frog medicine called Kambo.  This frog medicine came jumping into my life quite a few years ago, along with other natural shamanic medicines from nature, my favourite one, is a cactus called Peyote. Kambo medicine has become much more accessible to people on our planet, and so the frog has jumped forth into many people’s lives,  sharing its […]


My journey into the Amazon jungle abyss and healing my soul part two

Sacred body painting The day after we arrived in the Huni Kuin village, was one of another new experience – the day of sacred face and body painting. The designs and patterns were to meant to enhance and protect your energy. My face painting design represented the Joboya snake, which was to protect you from negative energy or spirits. When the Huni Kuin woman finished painting my face and I […]


My journey into the Amazon jungle Abyss and healing my soul part one

Well its a while since I have written a blog! And now that I am back from the Amazon jungle, after spending a whole month in the beautiful, hot, tropical, zumba country, Brazil. It was some heck of a journey in every sense of the word ! Some deep and profound experiences we encounter on our journey of healing, are indeed difficult to put into words, and, sometimes, best left to […]


Shhh... sleeping without a mattress

It has  been a while now, since I have written a blog, and all because I have been  busy moving, and selling my house, and most of my belongings.This lead me to experience my 1st night in my old bedroom completely empty, of belongings and a mattress ! I have slept many a time before, on the floor, or ground, and depending where I have slept, I usually enjoyed the […]


Walking barefoot and reconnecting to Mother Earth

This was an article I wrote earlier on this year for the Funky Raw magazine but I have updated it and added a few nice images . I hope you enjoy it for those who may not have come across it. My initial training background was foot medicine, Podiatry, which is one reason I chose to write about walking barefoot and reconnecting to Mother Earth and because it is a […]